2 thoughts on “Sign here for the pandas, please”

  1. Interesting the the PM had time to fly to Toronto to sign for the Pandas, but was unable to greet the Cree youth who had just completed a 1500 km trek from James Bay to Ottawa!
    So much for his promise to give more attention to Aboriginal concerns.
    So much Harper “PANDAring” to business and commercial backers!

  2. Lynda van Leeuwen,
    Interesting that you parrot almost the exact same words used by members of the opposition parties to voice your concern about Aboriginal issues.

    I’m not privy to any special information on the PM’s schedule but I’d be willing to bet that events such as the arrival of the pandas are planned weeks, if not a couple of months, in advance. Thus the argument that the PM chose to go to Toronto rather than meet with the marchers is based on groundless assumptions on the part of anti-Harper critics.

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